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Intelligent Software

In a world where the technology advances every day, is necessary to adapt your business to all the new trends.

Great and Unique Designs

Tell us about your business, we take care to make it amazing for all the platforms. We offer flexible and scalable designs.


Sophisticated security solutions and data encapsulation. We turn complex systems; in secure, agile and yet robust systems.

Mobile Applications

We create applications with all the necessary requirements. We respect standards of efficiency, design and security. For Android and iOS

Cloud Computing

Security updates, services and notifications in the cloud; we assure the data transfer from all the users, we make intelligent every project.

Private Sector

We offer private consulting and audits for every project. Error corrections and segmentation of tasks. We develop software under private standards and confidentiality agreements.

Mobile Development

Ready, sophisticated & secure. Our rapid development process greatly reduces the development time.

  • Android & iOS development

    We develop applications for Android and iOS natively. Respecting the security standards, design and life cycles of all the applications, ensuring the maximum efficiency in each project.

  • Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Bots

    We offer disruptive developemts, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Bots. For education and Work Applicactions powered by Facebook and Google

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    Facebook Messenger Plataform Minttcode
    Google Chrome Minttcode
  • Focused on User Experience

    We take care of creating useful, easy and understandable designs for the users using the right software. Amazing in any device.

Web Development
Professional & flexible

Your Business everywhere
The flexible software guarantees a unique experience for your customers. We create dynamic and responsive user interfaces that can be accessed from any device.

Software Architecture and Backend solutions
The best deployment according to your needs with solid foundation. Scalable, readiable, adaptable with the highest quality for every day projects.

Robust web systems
We help you make the right choices, we provide our clients with backend systems running in the cloud, we offer a full stack developmemnt, in time for market.
We can make a real difference to your business.

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Minttcode Web Development
We use the right tools for every step.

We have time-tested strategies and systems focused on seeing your company receive ROI & client interaction.

Backend and Cloud

Backend Solutions

In Minttcode we believe that safety is primordial, we make the best encryption, data transfer, management of users and download algorithms, all exclusive for the needs of each company. We have a strict privacy policy, we encapsulate the data and handle it.

Cloud Solutions and Architecture

We provide a complete architecture for every solution we create, services, content providers and data management for the backend solution and a completely development of the front.
 support all data in the cloud.

We Build Custom Solutions

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A full team of profesionals ready to work.

Let's Talk about your business.


Let's Talk about your business.
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